Industry Characters (Part 4)

Phew. Production Efficiency is a long haul for a new character. Sure, a week doesn’t seem that bad for your main, but when you’re talking about a character that’s only a week old in the first place, another full week of training a single skill is madness. Madness!

Its around about now that you’re going to hit that horrible level of 1.6m SP. When this happens you lose your 100% training speed bonus, and have to train at the speed everyone else does. Sucks to be us. Hopefully you got all the learning skills you wanted for this character done beforehand.

I tend to train a load of core skills in addition to strictly ‘industry’ stuff, which makes sense if you want to expand into T2 and beyond. I’m going to stick with industrial stuff as long as I can though, so that those with the intention of just doing T1 for the time-being can get off the blog-elevator at the right floor. 🙂

Lots of wheels

Image courtesy of Ben Cooper:

With this in mind, and with the intention of making our lil alt cry, we’re going for Industry IV and V. Then, buy Mass Production. This skill will let you build one more thing simultaneously with each level trained. This is incredibly useful unless you have the patience of a saint. However, since you’re playing an MMO, I’m going to assume you’re a “I want moar. Right now.” kind of peep. Subsequently, we’re going to queue this one all the way up to V as well, much like Production Efficiency before.

Yup; its another week-long slog through quagmire-like skillbooks for Miss Siar! At the end of it, she’ll – and by extension, you’ll – be able to produce six things simultaneously with as little waste as skills can provide. This is a joyous occasion! Or rather, it will be when you’ve finished these skills in ten days’ time. Get to work, nugget!

The Money Bit

Mass Production is the only thing we’ve bought this time, and its pretty cheap at 135k ISK. Its hardly enough to even bother updating my running total, but since I always look at the last post to work out the new one, I’ll do it anyway: 30,660,890 ISK

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