Industry Character (part 6)

Eilean’s now a month old, as evidenced by the curiously absent ‘Rookie Help’ chat channel upon login. She feels a bit older somehow. I guess it feels longer if you’re blogging about it, and on part 6 already.

So, core skills. What are core skills anyway?

An apple core

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The base skill in each category is a core skill in my mind. So Engineering, Electronics, etc.

We have Industry to V already, and we aren’t bothered about Gunnery, Navigation or Spaceship Command. We do want Electronics, Engineering, Mechanic and Science all trained to V though. Why? Aside from being quite useful to have when out and about in space, they allow us to train some expensive skills later on so we can build T2 components. Remember, we’re going to invent some stuff!

If you read my last non-industry post, you’ll know that I’m going to be away over much of the festive period. For this reason, I’m taking Electronics from III to V, then switching over to Advanced Mass Production, just so that Eilean is training something useful to her purpose as an industry mule. You peeps can carry on with the core ones. By my reckoning its 20 days worth to get all four to maximum level. Better get cracking then, eh? 🙂

No ‘Money Bit’ for this entry, because we didn’t spend a single ISK cent. Huzzah!

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  1. Luci
    24th Dec '10 at 9:33 pm

    Eilean? You called her Eilean? How do you pronounce that, Aye-lean, Ill-ee-an, or Ill-een?

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