Anything that took place in-game. If coupled with the ‘Roleplay’ category, its in-character, otherwise it can be considered out-of-character.

Not the Greatest Thing Ever

In which I dis­cuss some of the points that I feel the Elev­enth Alli­ance tour­na­ment was inferior to the tenth, and indeed, some of the earlier tour­na­ments. Bit­ter­vet or right­eously indig­nant? That’s not up to me to decide! Con­tinue read­ing


The dis­crim­in­a­tion against the humble comma in large num­ber fields for copy-pasting from vari­ous external-to-eve applic­a­tions is some­thing that makes me very sad, and a teensy bit frus­trated. Con­tinue read­ing