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Industry in EVE actually makes the world go round. Or the galaxy, or whatever. This is the primary focus of a lot of my endeavours within the game, and so it’s one of the most populated of all tags on Chocolate Heaven.


Looking at creating graphical representations of market price variations for different items. All of the prices in the scale are manually created by me rather than via the API (at least for the time-being). Continue reading

Item Auto-Sorting

The annoyance of auto-arranging icons! Especially if you have a fairly good reason for arranging multiple stacks of different items in a certain fashion. Continue reading

Industry Characters (part 8)

In this episode of our industry character tutorial/guide, we look at the importance of standings and how to quickly grind up the corp standings you need for those pesky R&D agents. Whether you use them for passive income, or for invention, the datacores they dish out are a valuable commodity. Continue reading