Festive Fun?

I wanted to do something like this last year, but there was little time for me to organise it.

Over the holidays I usually visit my folks in the land of no Internets for a week or more. I also go to see friends I haven’t seen for a year, and generally have a really nice, if technologically-limited time. I seem to recall last year spending some of that time clinging to my Interweb friends and gaming with the use of free (albeit terrible) puzzle games in social networking platforms. Desperation is a funny thing.

Anyway, this is besides the point.

I’m going to do one of those brilliantly popular seasonal competitions where you can win yourself some swag.

What You Have to Do

Make something! Something to do with Eve. Or alternatively, anything about Eve with a festive twist. Something submitted just about Eve can get you a maximum of 30 points, whereas something submitted that is about both Eve and something vaguely festive can get you a maximum of 100 points. More points mean bigger prizes!

An example:

  • A really stunning screenshot from the game might net you 20 points, but one that shows a formation of jet cans in a snowflake shape immediately opens up the possibility of getting more.

It doesn’t just have to be limited to screenshots and videos though. Bake a cake. Build something from Lego. Be adventurous! 😀

As a side-note, you don’t have to celebrate any particular religious thingy to take part in this. I myself am an atheist, and I love the Xmas period! 🙂

What You Can Win

Unlike some people that run competitions, I am quite strapped for RL cash currently, so I cannot subsidise such things as EON subscriptions or store vouchers and the like. I can offer up a shed load of ships though!

  • 50 Wolves
  • 20 Huginns
  • 10 Claymores
  • 80 Cheetahs
  • 20 Rapiers
  • 15 Muninns
  • 75 Claws
  • 90 Stilettos
  • 20 Scimitars
  • 70 Hounds
  • 10 Mastodons
  • 20 Prowlers

As well as a few billion isk for good measure, and a selection of t2 modules.

There’s no grand prize so-to-speak, because I want everyone that enters to win something.

The Rules

Now you know what to do and what you could win, you need to know the important stuff on submitting your creations.

  • The contest is open the moment this post is published
  • The contest ends 4th January 2011
  • Judges’ decision is final regarding points and prizes
  • Entries should be in some online-viewable format and viewable at the time of judging. If I can’t see the entry, I can’t award any points; sorry 🙁
  • Entries should have the words “I’m a Minmatart!” scrawled on there somewhere
    • A clear watermark in a screenshot
    • Scribbled on a piece of paper within the frame of a photo of your creation
    • In the description if its uploaded somewhere that allows such things
  • There’s a limit of one entry per character. I’d do per person, but there’s no way I can enforce it.
  • Links to entries should be evemailed to Adrielle Firewalker. Only mails sent to this character will be accepted.

Extra Stuff

If you want to donate some more prizes to the pot, please let me know by way of a comment here, or evemail.

If you’re insane and you want to help judge anyway… Probably not going to happen unless you donate something substantial or I’ve known you for a while. There needs to be some common ground anyway.

If you have any questions, leave a comment! 🙂

That’s a lot of ‘if’s right there!

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3 thoughts on “Festive Fun?”

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  4. Daisy Blossom
    14th Jan '11 at 11:48 pm

    What happpened to this, Adri? I never heard back from you. hah! Was I the only participant?

    • 14th Jan '11 at 11:49 pm

      Its in the works. I have got some help with judging now, so it should be in the next day or so. 🙂

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