Wait, what?

I went in and had a ‘neural remap’ the other week. I didn’t want to talk about it to begin with in case it all went horribly wrong down the line.

But, being the lover of genetic engineering that I am, it seems that my enthusiasm for the idea was not at all misplaced.

I’ve become much more adept at scientific pursuits than I used to… I know, a brainy Brutor, who’d have thunk it, or thought it! (caught you out there eh!)

That said, it took me a while to make the decision since I have been so very happy with my aptitude for learning things that help me make other things go *poof*, or more accurately *BOOMBOOM* as I like to call it. But I realised that there is currently very little more I want to learn in that direction, and quite a lot of little bits and pieces I could do with swatting up on in fields I am traditionally useless at, so I went for it.

As a disclaimer, if I act a lil’ bit weird around people for a while, let me know so I can sue the company and retire rich *grin*.

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