SRP for April

Eight contributors again this time. Well done to everyone that took part!

1st Place Winner
Back on top again, Evanda Char with 51.15m3 of salvage. 20mil bonus for you.

2nd Place Winner
Second place this time goes to Matariki Rain, with 26.01m3 of salvage. 10mil bonus will be on its way to you.

3rd Place Winner
Third place goes to Ulphus, with 23.79m3 of salvage. 5mil bonus for you this round.


Ardan: 2.12m3/0 – 2mil
Evanda Char: 51.15m3/37 – 88mil + 20mil prize + 4 rigs
Iohan Sjet: 14.33m3/0 – 14mil + 3 rigs
Joran Ven: 7.51m3/0 – 7mil + 1 rig
Madcow: 15.32m3/0 – 15mil + 3 rigs
Matariki Rain: 26.01m30 – 26mil + 10mil prize + 4 rigs
Seamus Rooke: 7.22m3/2 – 9mil + 1 rig
Ulphus: 23.79m3/0 – 23mil + 5mil prize + 4 rigs

A total of 147.45m3 of parts were collected, which accounts for 14,745 parts, and 39 intact pieces.

Total payout this time (+ bonuses) comes to 219mil.

Statistics will follow shortly.

Total Salvage Collected

Alloyed Tritanium Bar: 429
Armor Plates: 426
Broken Drone Transceiver: 325
Burned Logic Circuit: 3043
Charred Micro Circuit: 1793
Conductive Polymer: 261
Contaminated Lorentz Fluid: 373
Contaminated Nanite Compound: 724
Damaged Artificial Neural Network: 554
Defective Current Pump: 306
Fried Interface Circuit: 1368
Malfunctioning Shield Emitter: 357
Melted Capacitor Console: 181
Scorched Telemetry Processor: 317
Smashed Trigger Unit: 945
Tangled Power Conduit: 350
Thruster Console: 419
Tripped Power Circuit: 2345
Ward Console: 39

Good work everyone!

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