What’s New, Pussycat?

So everything has been quiet around here. In fact, the last twelve months have been a bit sparse in content. Just look at the yearly post counts:

  • 2010 – 44
  • 2011 – 24 posts
  • 2012 – 14 posts (including this one). Embarrassing really.

My time in-game has diminished quite substantially as well. As some my remember, I intended to take a break from my build cycles for six months while I focused on developing better tools for managing the processes involved. Thanks to my laziness, that didn’t work. Coupled with this, I had a bit of an accident shortly after starting the builds again, which put me off doing any more for a while. Not that I would whine about it; it was my own stupid fault.

So What Have You Done Then?

I have used the time to work on this blog though. I’ve documented the layout and theme on the About page. But its more than that, as I’ve been digging in my old archives of documents from the history of the game, and declassified a lot of content from the 2003/2004 era. You can find these things in the following pages:

Its not a lot, but there is a lot more to come. There’s also alternative themes for both PRM and AWEI sectional content, but they weren’t quite ready by the time the rest of the site. I’ll talk more about those when they are ready.

As for content, I know its sparse, but I’ve got ideas for a few different series. These will mostly focus on historical documentation of stuff from EVE’s rich history, since that’s what I’m quite good at blathering about.

That and old EVE comics from 2004-2006, since they should probably have somewhere semi-permanent to live.

So, until I have new things ready – and let’s be honest, nobody knows when that will happen – I wish you happy spacetrails!

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  1. 05th Sep '14 at 10:30 am

    I always saw the Caldari as exermte social-Capitalists, since their entire society is organized around corporations (specifically, Mega-Corporations). It’s what would happen if a select few corporate entities were allowed to grow into the dominant socio-political presence in a nation, and all effort and social acceptance was gradually pushed towards the betterment of one’s corporation.Anyway, two-and-a-half years late.

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