Firstly, apologies for the late mail. I have been somewhat bogged down with politics of late, and I am sincerely sorry.

First event of this week is a corp mining op in Diromitur (0.5). Its nothing dangerous, so just bring a few drones if you want to come along. As always its a voluntary contribution, and there will be Hoarders at Eldjaerin (1 jump away, where we have an office and refinery) ready for use. This will be taking place on Saturday from 17:00 EVEtime onwards into the small hours of the morning.

The second event this week is to be another frigate tournament. Due to the difficult timing of last time, its been moved to 18:00 EVEtime, but if that causes you trouble, let Adrielle know, and we’ll try and shuffle around it. Those of you who are new to the corp will be forwarded the rules to the tournament within the next 12 hours. Again, this is a voluntary event, but it *is* fun. If enough people join in we can have a bracket system, like we had in the first one.

Finally, this week sees the fate of the PRM come to a head. Various meetings are taking place in which its continued existence will be challenged. It also determines AWEI’s future within that group. There will be an update on that issue early next week.

Thank you for your time,