Intel Special

Both of NGO appear to be agent-runners and little else. The main systems and stations for their agent running are as follows:

  • CountingCurses: Ebtesham V – Amarr Navy Assembly Plant
  • Knife: Ebo IX – Theology Council Tribunal

In response to this, and to better equip ourselves for battle, two offices have been set up within a few jumps of each location. These are:

  • Nererut V – Moon 12 – Amarr Constructions Production Plant (3 jumps from Ebtesham)
  • Nadohman IV – Moon 3 – Imperial Shipment Storage (2 jumps from Ebo)

Both of these offices are stocked with 1k of each large missile type (not including F.O.F), a decent supply of med and small ammo, and a few med and small repairer units, along with a few heavy drones (Ogres and Praetors).

If you require something that isn’t there, or we’re running low on anything listed above, contact Adrielle and she’ll do another delivery ASAP.

Knife flies an Arma and CountingCurses an Apoc. Knife seems to play random evenings in the week, and CountingCurses plays just before, and then after dt… Both play over the weekends.

Instajump BMs are now available from Eystur station to Ebtesham safespot and back again. Please make full use of these to shorten your journey. As before, they are labelled in cans in the BM hanger. If you find any are missing, let Adrielle know and she’ll refill the cans with fresh BMs.

Having been contacted by a one-day-old character wanting to join the corp suddenly, I’ve decided to act with caution, and so I’ll set up a fake AWEI channel where I’ll invite only members of the corp that NGO will have seen up until now – this will help confuse them how many active pilots we have, and also as a means to determine if the pilot is actually a newbie or a spy, through using misinformation about battle-tactics and gauging NGO’s response. Those of you to be invited to the channel will be contacted later once I’ve had it set up.

Thank you for your time,