Thanks to all who took part in either of the mining operations this week – we now have a good stock of lower end minerals to keep production up and  running for a while. This week’s mining will be at the same time, although Wednesday’s we will carry on at Diromitur, and hopefully a nice 0.2 system for Saturday (more info on that to come midweek).

A recent deal made with Xirtic Emarfatem for a massive load of tritanium should mean an end to high-sec, no-risk mining for a good while, which should make mining operations from here on out a little more fun at least.

Last night’s PRM meeting was adjourned before all points were addressed, but the decisions that were made are as follows:

  1. Two phase move of corporation pilots into Tartatven – obviously, we can’t move all the production corps into that space until a decent military strength is made. So it is required that all military corps make a move, and any combat pilots in non-military corps be available to help out wherever possible – this means being stationed in and around Tartatven as a minimum.
  2. Changes to the council. Randuin MaRaL has stepped down from his position, and the Paratwa have removed themselves from PRM. Adrielle, along with DeT Resprox, and ActiveX are now all high-council members. This makes the high council number 7, so that no stalemates can be made on votes of import.

That’s pretty much it for the week.

Thank you for your time,