As you may have noticed there was a small vote regarding Camar’s position as a Director within the corp over the weekend. He will remain a Director, as he won by a fairly massive margin, but two people voted to demote him. I don’t know who or why, which is annoying, but as such, an IMPORTANT article has been written up so you can get a better idea of what AWEI is and how it all works. The out-game version is at: <URL REDACTED> and the ingame variant can be found at: <URL REDACTED>

This weekend’s Frigate Tournament had less people in it, but was still just as much fun. Please use the out-game forums to get the movie of the event. Congratulations to Camar who won this week 🙂

War vote has gone through. If we are at war, then there will be a follow-up mail later tonight with various info about our enemy. Can’t really tell at the moment as both options show 0.0% for some reason 🙁

Pretty quiet week all in all. Thanks to those who turned up for some mining in Janus on Saturday 🙂

Thank you for your time,