A slow couple of weeks for the corporation as a rule with regards to events. This Saturday past, several people helped to mine up over 4mil Tritanium and 2mil Pyerite, which was a great help, so thanks to all who came and helped out in Magiko.

Tempest BPC copying has been going full steam ahead, and if you’d like to buy a copy yourself, the price is 3.5mil for a 1run at ME15. Please let Adrielle know if you want one, and she’ll add you to the end of the waiting list.

This week’s mining will be on Wednesday and Saturday. On Wednesday, we will hit Magiko again to attempt to blast the rest of that belt from Saturday’s mining. This coming Saturday’s mining will be low-security, most likely out in Derelik region again, but more info to follow before the weekend. Wednesday’s mining will commence around 21:00 EVEtime.

The “Impoc” event went kind of wrong, and the lag was unanimously huge beyond anyone’s hopes to actually be able to function, but I think most people who took part, aside from the lag, had a good time, which is what counts. It was also a great show of who is willing to help out the cause. Next time we will be more, and there will be bigger ships…

If you have any friends that might like to join the corporation, drop Adrielle a line and she’ll try and poach them – we are entering into massive recruitment currently, and need all the pilots we can find for future growth, both IC and OOC.

Thank you for your time,