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I’ve been so busy with stuff lately, I didn’t see this come around so quickly. It seems like only a couple of weeks since New Year, and yet here we are!

My personal schedule for Fanfest looks a bit like this:


14:00 – Opening ceremony (14:30) (TQ)
15:00 – Who Needs a CEO? (Multi)
16:00 – Incursions (SiSi)
17:00 – Nice People, Bad Players (Multi)
18:00 – Character Creation (SiSi)
19:00 – Open Mic Night (TQ)


10:00 – Dev Track 1 – Intro & IGB (Multi)
11:00 – Dev Track 2 – Static Data Dump (Multi)
12:00 –
13:00 – EVE Gate (Multi)
14:00 – Captain’s Quarters (Multi)
15:00 – EVE Keynote (TQ)
16:00 –
17:00 – Dev Beer Quiz (TQ)
18:00 –
19:00 –
20:00 – Chessboxing (TQ)


10:00 – Dev Track 3 – EVE API (Multi)
11:00 – Dev Track 4 – Conclusion (Multi)
12:00 – Year in Review (SiSi)
13:00 – PVP Finals (TQ)
14:00 – Art Panel (SiSi)
15:00 – CCP Presents (TQ)
17:00 – CCP Panel (TQ)
18:00 –
19:00 –
20:00 – Party

You’ll notice a few gaps in the list there. Originally I was going to offer up these free spots for people who were interested in a specific topic, and I would go to those presentations and try to report back. I was struck with a reminder of last time though; I had gaps there too, and squandered them sitting around and chatting, eating the adequate-but-not-great food at the venue itself, and eventually leaving each night only to find most of the food places on the way back to the hotel shut for the night.

The first day ends fairly early, so that’s easy enough to work out. The second and third days have nice two-hour gaps where I can sneak off to find some proper munchies before returning for the last parts of the day.

The smaller gaps in the days I’m going to use for chatting with people and clarifying notes I’ve made in the presentations beforehand.

There’s a curious lack of roundtable action going on here. I’m quite shy, and I don’t really have many issues that I have strong feelings about these days. Not enough to be giving much in the way of input to the group at least. Subsequently, I tend to skip them and watch/read about anything interesting from them later on. I let those that do have strong opinions and ideas take those spots, because it’ll be more productive!

On Friday, the EVE Gate presentation is strategic. I like the idea of EVE Gate, this much is true, but last time I got to the ‘new planets’ presentation and you couldn’t get through the door for all the people, or even see the damned screen. It looks like the same thing happening all over again for Captain’s Quarters (same place), so I figure I will get in early to hopefully at least be able to be in the room!

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  1. Guest
    21st Mar '11 at 5:32 pm

    When do you hit Reykjavik? The Tweetfleetmeet (details at: is on the Wednesday evening from about 8:30 till late. It’d be great to see you there 🙂

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