Fanfest 2012 Announced


Strangely, I was hoping this was on the way, as I started a discussion within my corp to get more of a representation next time around. Now we have a date for when next time around will be – 22nd-24th March – thanks to a new devblog and the accompanying mini-site.

Much like in previous years, no tickets are on sale yet, but I imagine packages will start at around the same price as before for the super-speedy, round-trip arrive-on-the-first-day-leave-at-stupid-o-clock-on-monday packages. I won’t list the prices here, because obviously they varied depending on where you were flying from. They were pretty good value from the UK though!

Unlike previous years, they’ve gotten a new venue. I saw them building the Harpa concert hall when I was there this year. I didn’t know that’s what it was going to be until I was leaving the country, but from the pictures its not only massive, but really quite pretty. Here’s a little video to better show some scale of the place:

Its big. So what? Well, as attendees this year will tell you – at least those that weren’t totally slaughtered at the party – it got a little bit crowded near the end. By a little, I mean you couldn’t move. Not only this, but the lectures were almost all full or overflowing, not just the higher-profile ones. Not that this is a bad thing, but overcrowding is, and Fanfest has clearly outgrown the Laugardalshöll center. So its pretty good timing that Harpa was finished this year really!

So, since there’s no specifics mentioned as yet beyond the usual suspects, there’s not a great deal to discuss beyond the predictable question: Are you planning to go?

Item Auto-Sorting

I do love contradictory titles.

My build cycle came around last weekend. The first since Incarna 1.1 was released.

Since this is the only real time I pay much attention to the arrangement of the items in my cargo hold, I hadn’t noticed a small change that came with this patch. Lets take a look at a couple of images.

Nicely arranged items

Doesn’t look like much does it?

Imagine for a moment that each item from an Antimatter Reactor Unit to trusty old Zydrine is arranged in alphabetical order. You carefully copy and paste the values for each item in order for each factory until your freighter is full of building blocks for whatever-the-hell you are building. Now imagine that you have about 10 different sets – one set for each notional POS factory – and you know that each set ends with Zydrine in the cargo hold, so you can quickly select everything for each factory and drop everything in just as swiftly.

And then you undock.

Items alphabetically rearranged without warning

Oh how handy, its re-arranged everything alphabetically for me!

So which item stack goes in which factory? Damned if I know. I have to cross-reference every cell to make sure its in the right place.

See? Annoyance.

In future of course, I’ll just drag everything out there and split the stacks at the POS, so its not a major thing.

I had a quick look at the 1.1 patch notes and couldn’t find anything about this fix. Is it a bug or a small fixer-upper from Team BFF?

I also had a quick loo at the 1.1.1 patch notes for tomorrow and didn’t see any mention of it being fixed or any mention of it at all actually.

This isn’t really a bittervet post. I’m not going to rage-anything over it; its just… annoying.

So, can anyone think of an instance where this would be a useful thing to have? Because I’m struggling to think of one.

The Currencies of EVE

Some people know that I tend to put a lot of sell and buy orders on the market, and just as I cry a little when I make crazy buy orders and quietly cheer when I make profits, I often find myself wondering on the value of things. I say value, because I want to get a bit abstract in this one. But we’ll start with the basics and work up to the theory.

Show Me Da Money, Honey!

We all know about your basic cashflow situation in-game. Try to make more ISK than you lose when your stuff inevitably gets blown up. ISK is the lifeblood of any (active) pod pilot. We rely upon ISK generation to engage in what we shall call ‘funsies’. You make your ISK – in an innumerable variety of ways – and subsequently fritter it all away on shiny ships, modules, implants, boosters, or whatever else floats your boat. Its like real life except with less rent (for most of us), and more explosions (again, for most of us).

Everyone who’s ever made a billion ISK remembers that crowning moment; the sense of achievement that comes from gaining an extra digit on the end of your wallet’s display. Some will remember hitting ten or a hundred billion as well.

Amarrian Nobles

Then we have the recently-introduced Aurum. Skimming right over all the controversy surrounding this one, we can simply imply that (for the ‘foreseeable future’) Aurum is for your characters to get dressed up in a selection of different clothing items ranging in price from the expensive to the extortionate. It also has the potential to be used to other vanity items such as custom paint jobs on ships. I should also note that the market upon which this currency is used – the ‘Noble Exchange’ – is run by an Amarr corporation, and as such shouldn’t be used at all.


But then again, I might be biased.

But what else is there?


How can one measure trust? You can’t. Its a soft property; a direct counterpart to the hard properties of something you can see and touch (at least in an in-game sense), like ISK and Aurum. Its not something you can grind for over a weekend. Its not something you can gain by playing the markets. Its not something you create when you run those industry jobs.

Its something far more precious.

In a game where everyone is institutionalised into a mentality of “don’t trust anyone”, trust has to be one of the most valuable ‘assets’ in New Eden.

But just as you cannot fly around in space and ‘make’ trust, likewise, you cannot fly around in space and ‘spend’ it either. Lets take a practical example.

Chribba is a very rich miner. He has eleventy thousand characters all living under his little umbrella organisation. But where his real wealth lies, is in the trust people place in him; his third-party services are known and respected throughout the game. His external services (such as EVE-Files and EVE-Search) are well-established, useful tools that everyone has come to know and love. He’s made a name for himself as someone in the community, and he has more trust than anybody else.

Bypassing the commonly-believed truth that Chribba has considerably more ISK than you, the trust that hundreds (possibly even thousands by this point) of pilots have placed on him and the services he provides, and his unwavering sense of duty to abide by whatever the rules of the service are, makes him incredibly wealthy; way beyond what any number of digits in his wallet could possibly imply.

Its not all roses and champagne though. Just as it takes a long time to build up trust, its takes no time at all to lose it. You only have to look at the many cases of massive corp thefts, crazy scams that nobody saw coming (and even those where most people did), and dodgy IPOs to see that while there’s the odd instance of the ‘perpetrator’ continuing on with that character – milking the glory and fame it brings – the majority drift into obscurity. Most likely depositing all the valuables onto a holding character and then buying a shiny uber-pilot for whatever they need. And the reason is that nobody is likely to trust them again in the future. I say ‘likely’ of course, because we all know about how often Tyrrax Thorrk has gotten away with stealing people’s stuff only to do it again a year down the line and everyone still be shocked that it happened. This actually makes me laugh.

But anyway, I feel I’m drifting off on a tangent.

There’s other currencies as well. Reputation is a good counter to trust, because while one can have a reputation of being trustworthy, the space pirate ninja, for example, has an entirely different reputation. Nobody is arguing that she hasn’t got any influence though.

And that’s the focal point of this discussion: influence. Everyone has some – to varying degrees – and everyone uses that influence differently.

Do you influence your fellow pilots in a positive or negative way?

Note: If you want to know more, read this and start exploring from there.