Eve retrospective: Jovian go boom (part 1)

In May of YC106 (2004), Misu Baniya – a Jovian diplomat – was on a tour; an anniversary visit celebrating the introduction of pod-and-clone technology to empires other than the Jove. He attempted to meet with the heads of state for all four empires within a day.

Speculation was rife as to how he would achieve this in a single day, with the rumour mill assuming some kind of advanced ‘jump drive’ device (when at the time there were no jump drive in Eve at all).

Jovian go boom!

When it came to the day in question, something went horribly wrong (as it so often does!) and Baniya got exploded into hundreds of thousands of pieces across the galaxy. Conveniently (?) these parts ended up ‘transported’ into pop pilots’ hangers, one per person.

There were five different parts – Bone Splinter, Blood Drop, Epidermis Sliver, Liver Bile, and Cerebral Slice. Additionally there were Complex Fullerenes, which were part of Baniya’s ship. These things (body parts inclusive) can still be found on contract for sometimes-extortionate prices, but to this day nobody knows what purpose the fullerene shards hold, if any. All of the parts were randomly spread across the galaxy, as one would expect.

Complex Fullerene Shard

Black-market trading of these parts began in earnest using the escrow system (a precursor to the contracts system we all use today), with many capsuleers assuming the body parts to be of some use in the future. The fullerenes in particular were of interest, due to being ship technology.

The fullerene casing of his vessel proved problematic in the cloning process, and the ambassador’s clone died shortly after being activated.

An alternative plan to ‘resurrect’ Baniya was drawn up by the Jovian Directorate, who made contact with the heads of state of the empires, and tasked each to gather the body parts. The idea being that with enough collected, the Jovians – with their vastly superior technology – would re-assemble Baniya from the collected parts. Kinda gross.

Each race had to collect a different piece, and hand them in in bulk lots of set amounts based on how common they were. The trouble was, each part had been ‘exploded’ across all the empires, so trading of tiny pieces of the diplomat was inevitable, and representatives of the capsuleer community from each race slowly began to form up and help coordinate.

The collection efforts, results and subsequent rewards will be covered in part 2.


Random stuff

I don’t really have anything major to write about, so I thought I’d add some random bits and pieces.

Escalation… Or not

I did an escalation today. It was a drone one so it was crap loot, no bounties, crap-ish salvage. And I skipped the final part, because it was in Rancer – yeah, that’s not happening in my T3, sorry. 😛

I found what can only be described as a ‘weird thingy’ in the final part of the escalation (that I did):

Weird thingy!

Behold; the power of ignorance!

Whatever this thingy is, the drones really liked it. Maybe its the equivalent of holoreels.

Other pictars

Just a couple of other nice shots I got over the last week or so:

A planet... who'd have thunk it

Clicky to make biggah!

Obviously, like all my images, I’ve tweaked it a bit. The originals can be uploaded if anyone wants though.

Another planet... I'm sensing a theme here

Clicky to make biggah!

Okay, this one wasn’t edited. It was too pretty to tinker with!

CSM survey

This is kind of cool to do – equally so if you don’t like the CSM or vote for it. Its done by Mandrill. You can read about it on his blog post (as well as get the updated link for the survey itself) here.


Sometime about a couple of months back I got to wondering just how many jumps in a freighter I do each month for my building stuff. So this time I sat and worked it out as I did it. Here’s the results:

  • 6 jumps to Rens and back for POS fuel – 12 jumps
  • 6 jumps to Rens and back to put up sales. Multiplied by 5 for the number of trips it takes – 60 jumps
  • 24 jumps to Jita and back for moon goo. Multiplied by 2 for the number of trips it takes – 96 jumps

So 12+60+96. 168 freighter jumps in a month. I cheat though, as you’ve already (probably) seen from an earlier entry. I use 2 freighters at once for the longer hauls, so in reality I only really initiate a warp for them a little more than half this amount. Its still a fair few hours work though.

And finally…

Just a few more weeks until Tyrannis. I’m really liking the current build of Planetary Interaction on the test server. It fuels my mild OCD something fierce… Avoiding it is going to be the real challenge, but it depends a lot on how many other people are depleting resources on planets near me.

I still have no use for most of the stuff you make there – at least not in a reasonable timeframe. Making my own POS fuel is a lovely idea, but I think at this stage I’d need to have several alts working on it, and its far too much micromanagement than I have the time for. So we’ll see I guess.

What ya got?

Rixx Javix over at his EVEOGANDA blog started this one (I think), asking ‘What’s in your hangar?‘. I figured I’d add to this, since its kinda fun!

I’m only going to go through my main high-sec base of operations for my primary mission-runner character, since she does the most varied stuff. Its a much more interesting list of ships because of it I think. Unless you like lists of random industrial ships and barges? …Didn’t think so.

  • Machariel ‘Makra‘ – This was my old mission ship. Its about 4 years old now. It never goes to low-sec primarily because it – along with any other faction ships – makes probers froth at the mouth. I have vague long-term plans to officer fit it for a laugh and return it to active service.
  • Vargur ‘Angry Moose‘ – A silly name, but I feel it kinda works. This is my current mission ship. Personally I dislike autocannons. Maybe its a Brutor thing. I like the big badda booms. But anyway, the autocannons on this thing are just too good to ignore. It tanks better and ganks better than my mach ever did, which makes me a sad panda. I generally zoom out a whole lot so I don’t have to look at its ugly ass.
  • Raven ‘grey box‘ – In case of extremely bad luck, this is my super emergency back-up. I hate ravens – I always have – but they are acceptable for running missions if you have nothing else – which is the only time this thing will see use!
  • Nighthawk ‘Chocoholic‘ – Just in holding for an alt of mine. Can’t actually fly it (yet) with this character. Used to use it to make Worlds Collide a bit easier when I was using the mach.
  • Cyclone ‘Lazy Bastage Miner‘ – Exactly what it says on the tin.
  • Cheetah ‘Inside Scoop‘ – Exploration ship, duh. I also have spares of everything on it and another cheetah in dock, should it get pewpewed in a wormhole one day.
  • Wolf ‘Monkey Magic‘ – For when I need an actual gun in exploration places (since the cheetah has none). Its also interchangeable with a codebreaker or analyser depending on what’s required for any given site. Much better than going down in a ball of flames trying to do stuff with a cheetah anyway!
  • Thrasher ‘Fishy‘ – So named because they kinda look like fish. Just used for salvage when I’m not feeling super lazy.
  • Muninn ‘Memory‘ – Old level 3 mission runner. Keep it around in case I feel the urge to do some. Its probably failfit given how long its been since I hopped in it…
  • Wreathe, Hoarder, Mammoth – None of them have any names really. I just these for courier missions of varying sizes when I get lumped with them for storylines.
  • Zephyr ‘Little Cloud‘ and Apotheosis ‘Weird Thingy‘ – Mostly just novelty items for me, but they are cool to look at, no?
  • Loki ‘Sushi‘ – Set up for general utility in wormholes and exploration. It has the damage of a wet flannel, but is very useful.
  • Loki ‘Double Helix‘ – Yes, I have two. I’m very lazy. This one is more about the tanking and the pewpew. Its equipped for efficient overheating, so it really does kick out some damage when it gets going.

So that’s about it really, skipping over random shuttles and t1-frigate-shuttles laying around. Its distressing how infrequently most of those ships get used, but I have no need for the isk so, *shrug*. Have a picture of a tempest:


Its a tempest. I feel it should have a pancake on its head though...