Meta Eve

Stuff that related to Eve, but isn’t actually ‘in’ Eve. Things about Fanfest for example, or game features, or other people’s blogs, and so on.

CCP Hall of Fame/Infamy

Exploring both past and present developers across all the offices, and based on the information I know and was able to sniff out over le interwebs, in this post I take a look at the superstar-DJs and punk-rockers of CCP, and what got them there. Continue reading


Looking at creating graphical representations of market price variations for different items. All of the prices in the scale are manually created by me rather than via the API (at least for the time-being). Continue reading

Website Shinies

The EVE Online website recently had a major facelift. In this entry I look at the changes CCP have made, and how they impact visitors both old and new to the game world. Continue reading