Anything that took place in-game. If coupled with the ‘Roleplay’ category, its in-character, otherwise it can be considered out-of-character.

Concerning first contact

I first found Eve in May 2003 in a preview article in a magazine, and started playing in early June of the same year. I’ve never regretted signing up, and its unlikely I’ll ever quit! Continue reading

Situational awareness

Ofylur sighed. It had been a long day, she didn’t want to deal with another crazy ‘elite of society’, but she knew she must. It stipulates in her contract that until she clocks out and shuts down her vidcom, she has to accept any and all incoming calls. Pod pilots, for all their flaws, were excellent ‘fixers’. Continue reading

A polite mail

This is what I just sent. I cross my fingers and hope it doesn’t cause me too much aggro. I also apologise in advance if nothing comes of it and I cause a massive shitstorm for my alliance. Continue reading