A good week for all Minmatar really. While indeed, no response can be heard from the Republic with regards to the Jovian collection of Misu Baniya’s body parts, a hearty congratulations to everyone that helped to organise and collect the various parts for the good of our people. Third is no shame, when the Amarr come fourth 😉

Mid-week mining was averted mainly because of the super-extended downtime for the server upgrades, but the unscheduled operation last night in Hakisalki was a nice change and very relaxed, so thanks to those who came along.

Kudos to Sojidor – who I forgot to mention last week – who got us our first tech II BPO. This for a micro proton smartbomb, which isn’t all that great, but they go for around 300-500k each, but only cost about 100k to make maximum, so well done Soj 😀

This week’s mining will be in Diromitur on Wednesday, and *hopefully* a nice 0.0 just inside Providence for Saturday. Both occasions will start at 21:00.

As of NEXT Monday, Adrielle will not be playing quite as much, as her new job requires her to be up at 7am everyday. So she’ll be online between 7pm and midnight maximum from there on 🙁

That was the week.

Thank you for your time,