Fanfest 2012 Announced


Strangely, I was hoping this was on the way, as I started a discussion within my corp to get more of a representation next time around. Now we have a date for when next time around will be – 22nd-24th March – thanks to a new devblog and the accompanying mini-site.

Much like in previous years, no tickets are on sale yet, but I imagine packages will start at around the same price as before for the super-speedy, round-trip arrive-on-the-first-day-leave-at-stupid-o-clock-on-monday packages. I won’t list the prices here, because obviously they varied depending on where you were flying from. They were pretty good value from the UK though!

Unlike previous years, they’ve gotten a new venue. I saw them building the Harpa concert hall when I was there this year. I didn’t know that’s what it was going to be until I was leaving the country, but from the pictures its not only massive, but really quite pretty. Here’s a little video to better show some scale of the place:

Its big. So what? Well, as attendees this year will tell you – at least those that weren’t totally slaughtered at the party – it got a little bit crowded near the end. By a little, I mean you couldn’t move. Not only this, but the lectures were almost all full or overflowing, not just the higher-profile ones. Not that this is a bad thing, but overcrowding is, and Fanfest has clearly outgrown the Laugardalshöll center. So its pretty good timing that Harpa was finished this year really!

So, since there’s no specifics mentioned as yet beyond the usual suspects, there’s not a great deal to discuss beyond the predictable question: Are you planning to go?

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