Time to move

I’m going to leave my corp sometime soon I think. I’d say I’m going to leave the alliance as well (which is obvious), but I’ve had the alliance tab with ‘blink off’ for over a year now. I talk to them in their OOC channel, but mass-RP has always daunted me, so I’ve stayed out of it. I think that probably contributes to why I don’t really care about the alliance in general, and subsequently never get involved in stuff they do.

That’s not why I’m leaving though. There’s no bad blood or anything like that. I just… I get set in my ways, and at the time when I’m playing very little, they’ve gone through a recruitment surge, and the corp is now nice and full of young eager pilots. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great thing for the corp, I’m just very antisocial at times. I think I need some time either ‘freelancing’ or just hanging out with people I already know.

AFK Corp

I was with these guys for a while between being a Glamour Bunny and being in Re-Awakened Technologies. Was only a month or so, but they are very laid back, nice people who focus on individual goals. Its a good place to go to chill out and grind for isk. Additionally, they are based in Hakeri – or were – which happens to be my main residence at the moment.

The problem though, is that the people I did know there have (mostly) joined what I presume to be a sister corporation, Damage Over Time, who do 0.0 stuff. Something that really doesn’t interest me. Also, due to the nature of the corporation, there’s not a lot to do as a group aside from missioning… Which is fine, but I like to mix it up a little.

Independent Faction

Not a corp, but an alliance. I’ve known Winter Steel since she was knee-high-to-a-noob, so Colonial Fleet Services is always an option.

There’s also DBR’s corp, which just has her in at the moment, but they are also in the same alliance. I’d need to find out where she hangs out first though – obviously I’m a bit restricted in Amarr space, heheh.

These guys are also freelancers, which is good for chilled out playing. I guess I need to establish if they have any/many group activities and see if that tips the balance and puts them ahead of the AFK Corp option.


Being the annoying individual I am, I’ve grown quite an attachment to the go-anywhere, do-anything way of life in New Eden. Despite the lack of missions in wormhole space, these anomalies offer the best option for varied gameplay available right now. I would miss missions though…

I could join an established exploration corp. I know at least two different ones that have at least one person I know in. I can spread out and be ‘cautiously sociable’ from there.

Or, I could make my own dedicated “we live in wormhole space for a year” kind of corporation with the explicit goal of scientific discovery rather than plundering for riches. That’s something I’ve thought about for a while, but I think I’d get burned out on the effort that requires when its combined with all the stuff I need to do day-to-day on my other accounts/characters.

In closing

A bit of a stumper really. I both miss, and am somehow scared of social interactions sometimes. Inner conflict sounds way more dramatic than it actually is, but that’s the sort of thing.

I can join a corp I’ve been in before, a whole new alliance, an exploration corp, or do something myself (and most likely fail).

Lots of thinking to be done!

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