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And with that, I must be in the running for most boring Eve blog entry title of the year! I’d like to thank my fans, my family and my agent (see whut I did thar?)

To be perfectly honest, I can’t be bothered converting my own LP into charters. I like to hoard them for some reason, or use them on more ammo to use in order to get more LP – a.k.a. the Circle of Life. As I run 2x large POS towers as part of my industrial operations, and I have enough charters for the next few months, I figured I’d throw up a nice 3-month buy order for what looked like a reasonable price for a year’s worth of the damned things. Yup, that’s a lot of signed papers; glad I don’t work in admin!

Except… I was scammed! zomg!

A nice gentleman had artificially inflated the buy orders for small quantities of charters, and in my haste to not be sat in Rens buying random junk, I didn’t notice and just dumped a massive buy order for slightly more than the highest buyer. He then sold all his collection of charters to muggins here. Now you might be thinking there’s some sarcasm in the adjective ‘nice’, but honestly, he was alright.

First and foremost; touché.

Second, he actually opened a conversation with me afterwards. Not to gloat, but to inform me what had happened and that I should be on my guard more in future.

Nice Gentleman > hey
Adrielle Firewalker > hello
Nice Gentleman > i kinda just pulled a famous stunt on you
Nice Gentleman > i wanted to get some better money for my starbase charters so i been bumping up the buyouts
Adrielle Firewalker > oh, well, good on you 🙂
Nice Gentleman > its really effective
Nice Gentleman > well have fun and fly safe, careful of more profite sharks like me 😉
Adrielle Firewalker > haha no problem 🙂

I asked him afterwards if I could include some of the chatlog on this blog and he agreed. He even said it would be fine to include his character’s name, but I have personal rules regarding such behaviour, so I renamed him.

So how much did he get out of me? 7mil or so. I wouldn’t have even noticed if he didn’t bring it up, but because of this I’ll be on my guard with my more expensive monthly buy orders up in Jita, which potentially could cause some hair-pulling moments if I slip up.

Its pure coincidence (I think) that this happened about the same time as a similar story made it into the game’s news feed.

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  1. 25th Oct '10 at 1:18 pm

    The cut and thrust of the free market – massaged by the patient and devious.

    Least 7m isn’t going to break the bank, even I can think of that as just a bit more than pocket change – ok maybe a couple pockets if its been a bad day. On the flip side, you got what you wanted quickly(-er?), less time spent spinning in Rens – think of it as a surcharge for express delivery. I’ll occasionally pay over the odds if it saves me a dozen jumps or I just have to have that shiny right now. 🙂

    In other news, I’ve been amassing LP’s for Brutor Tribe for a while, and I’m reluctant to cash them in on anything “just in case”. I’m guessing I’ve missed the fleece Adrielle boat though? 🙂

    • 25th Oct '10 at 2:42 pm

      I do the same with shiny things. I don’t mind paying a bit more if I don’t have to move. Especially so if I’m running multiple freighters.

      I think the quickly(-er) argument makes sense, but I have no need for these things for three months. Of all the things to outbid the competition on, this probably shouldn’t have been the one to go for, but oh well.

      There’s hundreds of opportunities to fleece me really. I have no idea how often it happens unless someone tells me afterwards. 😛

  2. Bloodraven5
    27th Oct '10 at 5:03 pm

    but i wanted my name there 🙁

  3. Bloodraven5
    27th Oct '10 at 5:13 pm

    tha advantage of it is the fact you dont have to sit there, all you have to do is whatever you want then just return to remove and sell (this is not the actual name of my char)

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