Industry Characters (Day 2)

Yesterday, we left Eilean training Instant Recall IV. Those peeps that have speedrailed an alt’s training before probably know what’s coming next.

The attribute learning skills have advanced versions. In order to unlock these, one needs to train the base skill (in this case Instant Recall) to level IV, and have the prerequisite ISK. The advanced attribute learning skills cost 4.5mil a pop. Once again, we only need the Mem and Int ones, so buy up: Eidetic Memory and Logic.

Intelligence and Memory

Intelligence (blue), and Memory (purple). I couldn't think of anything more interesting to use as an image, sowwy. 🙁

Ideally, you need to be around when Instant Recall finishes level IV. If not, queue up Analytical Mind, then inject Eidetic Memory as soon as you are able. Once you have Eidetic Memory injected, take it to level III, then queue up Analytical Mind IV.

We’ll still have some free time on the queue, but remember we can’t train Logic until Analytical Mind has finished. For busy people, this is a pain in the backside, but unavoidable. Add in some other base attribute skills if you know you’re not going to be around when Analytical Mind completes. If you want to do invention, I’d recommend Empathy; primarily because you’ll need some reasonable standings for the R&D agents, and this will save you time later on. If you want to expand towards mining, go with Iron Will and Spatial Awareness, which will speed up those barge skills.

For the sake of this post though, I’m going to assume that you’re able to log in for the end of Analytical Mind. Inject Logic, queue it up to level III. Bolt on Learning IV and Eidetic Memory IV on the end and you’ll have the next two days covered. After this, take Logic to IV as well.

If you have some grand plans for this character – perhaps an uber-scientist or an industrial tycoon – basically anything more than 12m skillpoints or so, then train up Learning, Instant Recall and Analytical Mind to level V, in that order. Once again though, for the sake of this series of posts I’ll be stopping after IV and moving onto the ‘doing’ skills.

Random tip: New accounts don’t have API access for 72 hours after creation/conversion to full accounts. This means you’re without EVEMon or an equivalent to plan your specific character. However, if you have room on another account, you can make an alt there and make a ‘fake plan’ for them and follow it for the new account.

Random trivia: When the advanced learning skills were introduced, they required level V of the base skills in order to be usable. Thankfully, my internet-spaceship OCD meant I had both my primary characters train these to the required levels long beforehand.

The Money Bit

This one doesn’t need a table, since we only bought two skills. Each skill cost the same; 4.5mil each ISK.  So our outgoings for the next few days are 9mil ISK.

Added on to my previous day’s outgoings, we have a total training cost of 30,282,890 ISK. So you should be at about 30mil as well – give or take a few hundred thousand – if you’ve been following along.

The next part will focus on the aforementioned ‘doing skills’. These are quite long and boring, but absolutely imperative to our little industrial upstart.

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  1. Sere Sector
    13th Nov '10 at 7:49 pm

    hmm…this could supplement ninja iskies nicely! not to say you’ve “turned” me, but, such a concise guild does make one wonder…..


  2. Maeve Trinity
    15th Nov '10 at 9:47 pm

    *spamming refresh for Day 3*

    • 15th Nov '10 at 10:08 pm

      Well day 3 is more likely to be about day 5, unless you want “Logged in. Still 2 days on the queue, so I logged out again.” 😛

      I have more to add when I do post the next one though. I missed something really important!

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