Industry Characters (part 5)

Woohoo, Mass Production V is within sight!

First things first though: Upgrade your clone! This is something I forgot to do myself. Since Eilean just sits in school station and buys and trains skills, its easy to forget, but if you want your little alt to fly somewhere, upgrade your clone. I’m going to be really optimistic and shoot for the 9.8m SP one – at a cost of 470k – knowing full well that I’m not going to be moving anywhere remotely dangerous any time soon with this character.


Image from here: This is what your alt would look like in the 1800s. Thankfully, Eilean has nicer boobs.

If you’re happy with the potential of your newly-acquired ability to produce 6 items simultaneously, then there’s something wrong with you! We want moar, dammit! With this in mind, buy Advanced Mass Production. This one’s a doozie, and sets the trend for what’s to come unfortunately. Get out your main’s wallet and wave goodbye to 20mil.

Inject this expensive book as soon as you’ve finished Mass Production V. Eilean’s will be finished in about 12 hours, but you might be a bit ahead, which is why I’m publishing this a bit early. Anyway, I think you’ll be able to queue this sucker up to III, and then the next day drop on IV. I eventually take these industry characters to V of this skill, but its usually the last thing I do since it takes a bloody age.

The Money Bit

Today I spent 20mil for the skill and 470k for the clone. That brings my total up over 50m: 51,130,890 ISK

Its getting expensive, but you aint seen nuthin’ yet! Next time we’ll hit some rudimentary and boring core skills, but it’ll all make sense, trust me.

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