Industry Characters (Day ?)

Yup, third entry and I’ve already forgotten which day it should be. From now on I’ll call them ‘part n’, since its easier to keep track of.

So, guess who’s a great big numpty? That’s right, I am! If I had roleplayed it, I could pretend that my new character was a moron, but alas…

Somebody forgot to use one of their two initial remapping points for attributes. Granted, this far in its not really a big deal; maybe a few hours lost, no more.

Anyway… The point is, when you start a new character, you get one free neural remap in addition to a standard one. Effectively, this means you can remap on day one, then again on day two (if you’re feeling frisky), but the second one acts like a standard one and you’re locked into the one year wait, or buy one with ISK if that makes it into the game like CCP has proposed.

So, first things first; I did this:

Attribute remapping

Yours may be slightly different.

As it points out in the image, your mapping might be slightly different. I’ve planned to do a whole bunch of Memory/Intelligence (Primary/Secondary) skills first, then remap for Intelligence/Memory. I recommend EVEMon for working these things out, even if you generally detest making really long skill plans like I do. This will save you a lot of time later on. Obviously, bunching certain types of skills together within remap points is ideal, but not exactly realistic, so just be a bit clever about the order of skills in your plan and tinker for a bit. If you’re still running along the same lines as me, you still have a chunk of hours left on Logic III that you can spend theorycrafting your character’s skills; use them well.

With that in mind, there’s a nice gap in the skill queue for some new stuff!

Buy the following skills: Industry and Production Efficiency. Inject Industry, and queue it to III immediately after Logic IV finishes.

You won’t be able to train Production Efficiency until Industry III is done. If, like before, you know you won’t be around when they finishes, queue up something else that will be useful – another learning skill, or one of Engineering, Electronics, Mechanic, or Science (we’ll need these later on anyway!)

Production Efficiency is the most important skill you will ever need as a builder:

Skill at efficiently using factories. 4% reduction per skill level to the material requirements needed for production.

See? Cheaper builds = happier wallet. For this reason, when we have access to it (after Industry III), we’re going to steadily queue it up until we have level V stewing in the neuron-oven that is Eilean’s bonce. This is a solid week of training without all the stuff we’ve done up until now. After all this though, its closer to 4-5 days of training. Within 3 weeks the learning skills – with the help of remapping and implants – will have paid their time-investment back. Awesomesauce!

The Money Bit

A reasonably cheap day today. 18k for Industry, and 225k for Production Efficency. So the total cost for today was 243,000 ISK.

Running total expenses for Eilean: 30,525,890 ISK

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  1. 17th Nov '10 at 12:20 am

    Helping people set up industry characters, cool.

    • 17th Nov '10 at 1:00 am

      Its a touch job, but somebody’s gotta do it! 😀

  2. 17th Nov '10 at 9:29 am

    I was going to ask about the neural remap the other day but I kinda forgot or got distracted or something. There was this guy and his merchant buddies were being pushed around by the Angel’s setting up a blockade on their star gate. That quite literally, well maybe not “literally”, took forever. When I finally cleared out this pocket of space of ne’er-do-wells, bandits, thugs and villains, the nozzles of my artillery still smoldering, and went back and said job done – he said that was an awesome job, now just one more thing. Take that big shiny Cyclone of yours, pop out to the 5 and dime, and get me some smokes…

    And I was like…. nuh uh…

    But then my OCD kicked in and I just “had” to accept the job blinking in my journal, I got the smokes, and then I fell sleep… but otherwise, I was totally going to ask about that neural remap thing.

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