Chasing ghosts

Maybe it was a blip on the comms, an error of some-sort.

scutter off on its way

scutter off on its way

Regardless, she showed as on-comms for a brief time, and shortly after the error, or she left (depending on your perspective), I decided to run a trace with my agent.

“I found Mori Felding for you. She’s located at Hakeri XII Moon 14 Sebiestor Tribe Bureau.”

I hopped into my trusty shuttle, scutter, and plot a course for Hakeri.

“Our old mission-running haunt” I thought to myself… Why would she go there? She can’t even undock without there being a drop-all-donuts Concord warning occurring. Logic was definitely pointing towards an error in my communications systems. Maybe I was chasing a ghost. Regardless, I had to know for sure.

Hakeri - XII Moon 14 Sebiestor Tribe Bureau

Hakeri - XII Moon 14 Sebiestor Tribe Bureau

So, a while later I arrived. I haven’t seen head nor tail of my ‘mark’, and so I play what is commonly referred to as the waiting game. Scouring the entire station would be impractical, but I’ve let a few close friends in on my observations and they have told me they will inform me as soon as possible if the comms-glitch reoccurs.

…I guess I do care afterall.

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