A polite mail

This is what I just sent. I cross my fingers and hope it doesn’t cause me too much aggro. I also apologise in advance if nothing comes of it and I cause a massive shitstorm for my alliance.

Hello Mr Verone,

I am mailing you to ask about an employee of yours. One Mori Felding. I realise this is almost certainly unknown to your good self, but I arranged with Miss Felding for her to be in your employ for a six month period.

I have not heard from her in some time however, so I would appreciate any measures you could take to ensure that she keeps her end of our bargain.

I believe you to be a reasonable individual from the very briefest time I was aware of your actions in the early days of the Glamour Bunnies corporation, so it would be of the utmost regret if this were to come to any kind of hostilities.

A deal is a deal, however.

Thank you for your time,


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