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Industry Characters (part 8)

In this epis­ode of our industry char­ac­ter tutorial/guide, we look at the import­ance of stand­ings and how to quickly grind up the corp stand­ings you need for those pesky R&D agents. Whether you use them for pass­ive income, or for inven­tion, the data­cores they dish out are a valu­able com­mod­ity. Con­tinue read­ing

Industry Characters (Day ?)

Yup, third entry and I’ve already for­got­ten which day it should be. From now on I’ll call them ‘part n’, since its easier to keep track of. So, guess who’s a great big numpty? That’s right, I am! If I had … Con­tinue read­ing

Wait, what?

I went in and had a ‘neural remap’ the other week. I didn’t want to talk about it to begin with in case it all went hor­ribly wrong down the line. But, being the lover of genetic engin­eer­ing that I am, … Con­tinue read­ing