Part 1: From Proposal to Protest

Before we begin, there’s a bit of preface history. The Khumaak is a replica of a relic from Amarr history. Sort of like an evil-looking staff used to represent important members of the clergy, pre-dating the Reclaiming of modern-era Amarr society.

During the earliest revolts of the Minmatar – about 20 years before the Yulai Convention – the slaves would take arms in whatever way they could, including making use of those rather menacing-looking symbolic staff things their former masters were carrying. Like this guy here:


Khu-fu master at work

Ignoring the knock-on effects of the rebellion, most notably the almost complete elimination of one of the seven tribes, I want to focus more on some of the player-created history surrounding this status symbol for both the Amarr and free Minmatar.

The Khumaak Debate

In February of YC106 (2004), the Sebiestor tribe – the ruling tribe in the Republic – issued a demand for the ban of Khumaaks from official apparel within state, military and fleet circles, citing that the presence of the ‘Hand of Maak’ was “an uncomfortable and unnecessary reminder of past bloodshed.”

Much rabbling ensued. Both from other NPC entities, such as the other tribes, and from player organisations, such as Oracle and The People’s Front of Minmatar; both of whom couldn’t understand the need to abandon symbols of the Matari people’s struggle and heritage.

Predictably, sales for the item went up massively following exposure in the press, and many were sold to capsuleers to carry in their ships as a symbol of Matari pride. Tense times were ahead as different tribes all voiced their concerns about the leadership decisions of PM Midular. This in turn caused a reaction from the oft-silent Malaetu Shakor on the issue:

The past week has served to do nothing but highlight the monumental inefficiency of this formalized bickering.  Parliament needs to have supreme executive authority when irreconcilable internal differences arise within the tribes.  As things stand now, there’s no telling what will come of the situation.

Meanwhile, prominent Oracle pilot, Wren, had been organising a peaceful protest in Eram for the 29th February outside the Sebiestor tribe headquarters, where there would be outspoken demand for Midular to speak out about her reasoning for attempting to ban a symbol of the Matari people.

Pilots were to gather a ways from the station and call for a response from the prime minister. Cans were jettisoned in such a manner as to spell the word ‘FREEDOM’ next to the station.


Click for a bigger picture. Thanks to zoolkhan for the image. Hey, we even had a Jove show up and wish us luck!

Each of the cans were password-protected, and upon the climax of the protest, each pilot was to warp to a can, and retrieve the single Khumaak from inside, followed by casting a vote of ‘no confidence’ in the current Republic administration.

This was, for all intents and purposes the true beginning of the rift between the loyalist and separatist factions of the Matari capsuleer community – in spite of several long-held grievances between the Oracle and Gradient corporations – and the start of a movement that would later be known as the People’s Republic of Minmatar, Friends of Matar, and later still, the Ushra’Khan.

But this was far from the last we would hear about the Khumaak…


My corporation – Amarr Will Eat Itself [AWEI] – runs what I call a build cycle. Typically this is a once-a-month thing, which means that at one point every month, stuff takes a whole bunch of time to do, and stresses everyone out a little. Everyone mostly consisting of myself and my army of industrial mule characters.

For tech 2 production, it starts simple, then gets more complex. For the initial cycle, you build all your tech 1, and all your tech 2 components (from advanced moon goo). For the second cycle, you build all your tech 2 output – be it ships, modules, ammunition – whatever, and the tech 1 and tech 2 components. You can see this getting expensive quickly, no doubt. For the third and all consecutive months, you do all of what you did for the second month, plus the additional hauling of produce to a hub to sell.

However, at this point, you have spent a massive amount of isk and so far, made zero profit. Throw in a ‘Dominion reshuffle’ on the component requirements for builds in the middle of your first third-cycle (if that makes sense), and you have a massive headache and an even bigger deficit in the corp wallet. However, this is not what I wanted to talk about today – Just laying some groundwork.

The Dominion expansion changes meant a lot of things – some things became cheaper to manufacture, a lot became more expensive. From the perspective of the builder though, you suddenly needed a whole load more space in your ship if you wanted to mass manufacture. So I set about training one of my mules to fly the secondary corp-owned freighter, a Fenrir.

Aryadnah's portrait

The Amazing Ary - Genetically superior to her muleish rivals!

It took me a while to get her up to some semblance of competency – remembering of course that she’s specced for int and mem and pretty much only builds stuff; she never flies anywhere. A few days ago she managed to get Minmatar Freighter level 3, and so I decided to take the Fenrir out for a double-run to Jita and back. Yup, 48 jump round trip, 2 freighters at the same time. Normally I wouldn’t do it so early in the month, but I wanted to test run the operation, and nothing works like a ‘live-fire’ test.


Ary always loses the race. Poor Ary. 🙁

Ary was always one step behind. Its easy to see why. Mostly level 2 or 3 skills versus full level 5s for the relevant skills. That said, her step was usually only 2-3 seconds behind, which surprised me quite a bit.

Initially I left them both on auto-pilot. No real risk of suicide ganks in high sec if you’re an empty freighter. Well, there is, but its so tiny its about as likely as getting hit by lightning *touch wood*. I came back 45 minutes later and they were both in the same system, with one aligning to warp and the other approaching the gate. Not bad!

Arrived in Jita, bought all the stuff that was needed (having checked this morning versus Rens prices in case I didn’t have to go too far – alas, it was not meant to be), and then cried at my wallet as I had to drop a load of isk into the corp to keep it ticking over until we have more stock to sell.

Loaded up, undocked, and warped to my nice insta-warp spot so I don’t get thrown around like a hot potato. Surprisingly, once you’re away from that blob of ships on the docking tubes, its quite pretty these days:

Undock from Jita

Nice views? In my Jita!? Its more likely than you'd think.

Another hour or so, and a couple of bounces off gates due to my waning enthusiasm for the alt-tab action and subsequently deviating off to read emails and websites (bad me!), and we were back in Minmatar space. It never ceases to amaze me how bloody long you spend in Gallente space – it always feels like it never ends! It must be the depressing snot-green colour of the systems.

Almost home

"Hey Fen, does this thingy look like a gate to you?" "Dunno Ob, I aint never seen one ov dem fings before."

Arrived home safely, and stuff was deposited, with significantly less to buy next week (which may or may not arrive via contract from the U’K). Overall I consider this a great success. Even if it is about 50% more effort on my part, it beats the 100% time and effort increase in having to do two separate runs!