Firstly, welcome aboard Malva Virulent to the AWEI group, yay! Be nice and help her out if she needs any guys 🙂

Secondly, CCP finally came through with the Cloaking device BPC, and have also supplied the Prototype Cloaking units to continue production of the Tech II devices. Currently they sell for around 100mil each along with the skill and delivery, although many are already claimed by key donators in the collection of the Jovian parts, but a good 200mil has been made back from the costs of the AWEI donations so far, which is good news!

Lastly, Sunday saw the first AWEI Frigate Tournament! Great fun was had by all, and even the spectators enjoyed watching the bloody battles. Screenshots and a link to the movie of the event can be found on the out-game forums (, and both are well worth a look if you have time – the movie comes in at 23mb, so its not too huge 🙂

Events for this week are as follows: Wednesday; mining in Eystur for Scordite and Plag (21:00 EVEtime), Saturday; Mining in Janus for Kernite and Pyro (16:00 EVEtime – 04:00). The next Tournament is set to take place at the same time (17:00 EVEtime) on Sunday, so get your equipment ready and email Camar if you want to take part in the next friggy-frag-fest!

Thank you for your time,