An ‘unstable’ week just passed us by, with more patches than a hippy’s jeans and still things are bugged and as unstable as ever. Wednesday’s mining operation got cancelled AGAIN because of a reboot. Saturday’s mining operation was nice and relaxed in Diromitur, netting us a useful 100k of Isogen.

This week’s mining will only be on Saturday. This is due to Adrielle’s new r/l job, and she doesn’t know how tired she’ll be after her first day. Depending on whether bones is OK to provide cover-fire, we should be mining in some low-sec areas, most likely the bounteous ores of Derelik region again.

This coming weekend sees host to the first AWEI Frigate Tournament. A vicious battle to ship’s destruction, the winner takes home a 1600mm Plate Armor mod, second prize is 3mil isk. If you are interested or would like to know the rules, please EVEmail Camar for more information (this mainly applies to those who were not in the corporation when he sent out the mails ;-).

At the end of the week, AWEI acquired AMMO Works corporation, including a hefty collection of minerals, and 101 BPOs. About half of these are lined up for further research to bring them up to level with our current ones, and most are items that we did not already have. Also, welcome aboard Doc Ammo, and Taibhsa – I trust you will all make their stay in AWEI a pleasant one.

Thank you for your time,