Amarr Will Eat Itself is a pro-Matari corporation operating out of the Fittakan constellation of the Molden Heath region of Republic space. We are conveniently situated to offer ships, armaments and ammunition to anti-pirate organisations.

For the last few years, the corporation has been a supplier of high quality manufactured tech 2 goods. We specialise in Minmatar tech, as you can probably guess, but we also stock a decent range of multi-purpose modules and a wide variety of rockets, missiles and torpedoes.

Discounts on products are available to allies and friends of the corporation or the Minmatarts alliance. Chances are, if you qualify, you already know, but if you would like to check, you can EVEmail Adrielle Firewalker; it doesn’t cost anything and she’s really quite polite, even if your name’s not ‘on the list’, so to speak.

If you would like to know more about the foundation of the corporation, or the direction we’re planning on heading, click one of the links above.

If you would like to have a look at our ally pricing (updated monthly), click here.

Our Process

The construction process for AWEI is split over a four month period, as outlined below:

awei process

All of this is cyclical. All processes from the previous months are being undertaken. Month 4 is a good example of what is being undertaken each month by the corporation.