Snappy Huge Ears!

There’s literally no end to the amount of stuff you can do with ‘happy new year’, and the best part is it will still sound fine to a drunk person.

With that in mind: Happy New Year! 😀

With the passing of the old year, cometh the new year. Blessed are we to see YC 113 in with style, explosions and plenty of ISK!

Traditionally, we make up lovely lists of things that we aspire to achieve in the new year. I think the most popular are ‘lose weight’ and ‘stop smoking’, with the potential ‘never drink again’ depending on how hungover you were when you eventually rolled out of bed on New Years Day. But these resolutions don’t have to be limited to the real world. You can have goals for EVE too!

Here’s my main ones:

  • Reach 200b liquid isk – This should be quite achievable unless the markets crash, and if I don’t go on many shopping sprees (that’s the real danger). I’ll have to evaluate it as the year goes one though.
  • Continue my collection of exotic dancers. Goal for the year: one million. Probably the hardest of my aims for the year, since I have about 260,000 of them right now and that’s from over a year of collecting. It could be argued that this is slavery, but I’m not doing it IC, just OOC for giggles. They also cost a lot of money due to the demand – for some reason there is demand, yes – so this directly affects the above goal.
  • Open a club when they finally release Walking in Stations/Ambulation/Incarna/Whatever it Ends up Being Called. This one probably has people rolling their eyes, because everyone and their slaver hound wants to do the exact same thing since the 2008 Fanfest previews CCP showed. Well, almost. I’ve been planning to do it since they announced that we’d be able to walk in stations, and I’ve built up a vast supply of commodities in case they can be used. Mostly food and drinks of various kinds, along with the aforementioned exotic dancers and a whole load of janitors and such to keep the place tidy (though not necessarily ‘clean’)!

My goals are probably a bit odd (apart from the first one – everyone likes moneh), but since I’ve been playing so long, I tend to have less ‘materialistic’ targets. As an example, I recently succeeded in one of my long-term goals when a very old Eve-friend of mine finally joined the same corporation I’m in. Its something I had been gently plugging away at since mid-2005. Sounds crazy, but that gave me massive happies! 😀

So what are your New Years EVE resolutions?

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  1. Relicc
    06th Jan '11 at 9:06 am

    I guess my EVE goal this year will be to find a corp that supports my casual/lazy game-play style, so I don’t have to be by myself all the time. Then again, when I read about people having 200billion isk, it makes me think I’ll never actually get the game, and maybe I should just quit.

    • 06th Jan '11 at 11:01 am

      Money isn’t everything. If I didn’t inherit the stuff I use to make money now, I’d still be broke. Just enjoy what you do! 😀

      • Relicc
        06th Jan '11 at 12:05 pm

        I always complain about not having enough isk when given the chance. The fact is, I’m not very innovative with my isk acquisition. Anyway, 1 million exotic dancers should make the hanger shake! Fire in the disco!

        As for the club/bar, I always thought it would be cool if they allowed people to stream their own music in those type of things. If someone had a popular pod-cast they could stream it at their place, but more commonly probably just play tunes. Either way, I’m looking forward to WIS too.

      • 06th Jan '11 at 1:02 pm

        Streaming music would be spectacularly awesome. The issue though is with the age rating. EVE as-is is ‘PG-13’. Wouldn’t they need to up the age guidelines if they weren’t policing the stuff that gets streamed/played in player owned lots?

        As an extreme example; what’s to stop someone from playing a soundboard of incredibly loud clips from pornographic content?

        And I’m not even going to touch the potential issues of streaming music owned by major labels. 😐

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