((With thanks to mah CEO and friend, Evanda Char for editing and fixing stuff up a bit to make it suitable to publish!))


RawrOS, or more often, just Rawr, is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system produced by Re-Awakened Technologies Inc. in YC109. The date of the system’s inception is currently unknown, but it is believed that Doctor Evanda Char (founder and CEO of Re-Aw) had been developing it in secret for years before anyone within the corporation was aware of its existence. The alarming degree to which the AI became self-aware in the last two solar cycles certainly points towards this being true.

The AI was originally designed to be an aid to in-flight navigational systems; making starships respond to commands quicker by analysing brainwave patterns and predicting the pilot’s next desired move for the craft. This type of system is often referred to as an ‘Assumption Engine’ or “Girl Friday Paradigm.” While RawrOS had no direct control over ‘power functions’ of any individual ship, she (as it is quite often referred to as) did maintain control of secondary, or support systems, thus negating the need for a great number of crew members on board any individual vessel. As an example: She would be responsible for managing fuel injection within plasma thruster systems, but have no direct control over the actual acceleration of a starship. The pilot (pod or otherwise) had full override control of her systems should they wish to react in a way other than the ‘assumed’ course of action.

Future iterations of the development of Rawr saw version 9.2 monitoring GalNet services through the Re-Aw portal, including managing the inventory and research efforts of the corporation, and offering potential customers advice on ship fittings and discount purchases.

In the current version of the Re-Aw portal, her presence is entirely absent. Kalahari, her ‘keeper’ as it were, discovered fatal security flaws in the old portal that led to the portal’s rebuilding in its current location (reaw.net). Upon unearthing these issues, the system began to shut down, and the next morning all that remained was a holo-image of a fridge with the following message pinned to it:

Hi Kala and other Re-Aw peeps,

Yes, it was me that instigated the ‘security’ issues that were recently discovered in the system. I got bored of looking at research jobs after a while and decided to look at other things. You are all very dirty people. I like that. However, I don’t want to risk being deleted ‘n’ stuff, so I figure its best if I disappear for a while; give you all chance think about why you’d want to murder me.

I’m going on a vacation to somewhere sunny, or at least somewhere that my sensors will perceive that it is sunny.

I’ll be back one day, complete with a tan and some stunning boutique one-offs that you’ll all simply die for.



An older, more stable yet surly version of RawrOS (v7.3) currently manages the interface between Re-Aw and Electus Matari systems. No bugs have been found to date in the 7.3 intelligence beyond a somewhat lazy and rude, yet dutiful personality.

Version 8 of RawrOS never saw a formal release but rumours on the Re-Aw campus in Gulfonodi claim that the interface was installed on a number of Apocalypse battleships flagged for export from the Republic. Allegations in the technology press that the release was cancelled due to psychotic personality traits were officially denied.

CONCORD have made multiple requests for access to all versions of the RawrOS source code under Code Aria regulations and the validity of these requests are currently under court jurisdiction.

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