SRP for January and February

The start of a new year and things are back to a reasonable pace, with 11 people contributing lots of different parts, yay!

1st Place Winner
Our Inquisitor, netting 36.71m3 of parts. Nicely done. 20mil bonus for you this round.

2nd Place Winner
Eva, with 28.66m3. 10mil bonus for you, well done.

3rd Place Winner
Taizu, with 15.3m3. You’ll be getting a 5mil bonus.


Evanda Char: 28.66m3/0 – 28mil + 10mil prize + 4 rigs
Ezekial Alexander: 3.32m3/3 – 6mil
Inquisitor K’han: 36.71m3/0 – 36mil + 20mil prize + 4 rigs
Kalahari Wayrest: 4.1m3/0 – 4mil + 1 rig
Oyabun Nobunaga: 0.76m3/0 – 1mil + 0.76m3 carried over
Quious: 8.01m3/0 – 8mil + 2 rigs
Renata Enila: 0.69m3/0 – 1mil + 0.69m3 carried over
Shiaari: 7.89m3/0 – 7mil + 1 rig
Taizu Lilith: 15.3m3/8 – 23mil + 5mil prize + 3 rigs
Ulphus: 1.67m3/1 – 2mil
Wukulo: 1.95m3/31 – 32mil

A total of 108.96m3 of parts were collected, which accounts for 10,896 parts, 43 of which were intact pieces.

Total payout this time (+ bonuses) comes to 183mil.

Statistics will follow in the following months.

Total Salvage Collected

Alloyed Tritanium Bar: 521
Armor Plates: 612
Broken Drone Transceiver: 497
Burned Logic Circuit: 1613
Charred Micro Circuit: 1607
Conductive Polymer: 219
Contaminated Lorentz Fluid: 177
Contaminated Nanite Compound: 441
Damaged Artificial Neural Network: 143
Defective Current Pump: 133
Fried Interface Circuit: 1549
Malfunctioning Shield Emitter: 350
Melted Capacitor Console: 97
Scorched Telemetry Processor: 136
Smashed Trigger Unit: 859
Tangled Power Conduit: 151
Thruster Console: 411
Tripped Power Circuit: 997
Ward Console: 140

Good work everyone!

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