So, here we are.

Its been three months. Half of the ‘agreed’ timeframe.

The first few weeks were certainly the hardest for me. I went from having a person I cared about and trusted enough to depend upon in any given situation – someone with whom I did everything – to having nobody. I mean, obviously, I still had all the wonderful people in the corp, but… I guess I’m quite antisocial underneath all of the fluff, and when I do find someone who understands me, and how I fly, I cling to them.

After she left, I broke down. There’s no two ways about it. I was a wreck.

I found a nice empty area for rent in one of the stations in Hedal which I have been renovating slowly. Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet aside from making it look cool… Anyway, that was my focus for a time, mostly so I didn’t have to think about being alone again.

But the other day I had a realisation.. Well, two actually.

Firstly, I hardly ever check into my pod now. I have no motivation to undock and do anything, so I pretty much just don’t bother unless I have to.

And secondly, I don’t think she’s coming back…

I started with communications with her reasonably frequently, but slowly over time, responses have been coming back slower and less frequent. And now, there has been no response for weeks.

A quick glance at Concord’s public security records confirmed what I thought: -9.4 She’s exceeding, much as she always does, but more than that… -9.4 suggests that she’s actually enjoying killing innocent people. Enjoying working for and profiting with the same corporation that she left Re-Aw last year over, for so much as associating with them.

Historically, its been proven that once she gets into a fury over something, she can’t let go. So I’m going to have to.

She’s not coming back, and I’m not sure I care…

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